January 8, 2019


White sage has become a common item in our house hold. I have really become very dependant on knowing that I have my sage sticks in the drawer when I'm feeling a little off. White Sage has been used for centuries as a wholistic medicine, it helps with digestive issues, headaches, and most of course depression. Most importantly Sage has the most amazing cleansing qualities and is literally considered negativity's Kryptonite. Smudging your home not only releases the healing benefits but it also chases out any negativity or stale energy lingering in the corners of your home. 




           - side note- A lot of people messaged me about Palo santo. I personally have never used it but I do want to try it. Some people believe that White Sage cleans out "all the energy" and basically leaves you with a clean slate. However after completing all of my research I still believe that White Sage only clings to the negative or stale energies and doesn't really remove the good. I am not an expert, this is only my opinion. I will be trying out Palo Santo in the near future and can get back to you with more information about that method of smudging as well!- 




So a lot of people start using these old world techniques in their homes without really knowing exactly what they are doing. It is important to use the proper protocols before starting your cleanse.


1. Make sure to buy a good quality sage stick for atleast $20 + (if you are spending $3 on a stick then chances are its going to be a cheap replica or wont burn properly. ( I found mine on Amazon, Juniper White Sage) >>>>> LINKCLICKHERE 

2. You will need a decent flame to light the sage, as much as I like to use matches for a natural light up, I tend to use a good hefty flamed lighter or torch.

3. You will need a fire safe bowl to hold under the sage while it burns to prevent any ashes falling on your furniture or floor, you don't want to start a fire.

4. (UP FOR DEBATE) A lot of people say to leave a window open so that the energy can escape, A lot of people say to keep the windows closed because it could let in unnecessary energy and cause the sage to burn out faster because of the wind. I have done both personally I usually keep the windows closed as it is believed that once the smoke dissipates the bad energy goes along with it. <totally up to you>

5. SET YOUR INTENTION!!! Before even lighting the sage , think to yourself, why am I doing this? What do I want to change? Call upon good energies, divine spirits to help you cleanse yourself and your home.

6. Light up the sage let the smoke form heavily and blow out the flame (basically like burning Incense).

7. First cleanse yourself, direct the smoke around your entire body, your legs, head, stomach area, this all starts with you so you'll want to be pure before cleansing the home.

8.  Now begin walking around your home, you will want to direct all of the sage in into all corners of the rooms in your house. Start in whichever room you spend the most time, then walk into the less used areas (don't ignore lesser used spaces they will hold stale energy that could be replaced by good light energies) If a family member is sick or unhappy be sure to circle them a few times and ask the spirit of your sage to help them as well. 

9. Once you have finished the entire home you can leave your sage stick in the fire safe bowl and let it burn out on its own, OR if you are in a rush you can rub it out and make sure to throw away the ashes that signify the negative energy being burnt out of the home. 






There are so many different feelings or reason why we use White Sage or other natural herbs to smudge our homes, some of the reasons I think are important are


1. You feel a bad energy lingering in your home, its unpleasant and you just want to release it from the house.

2. You feel like someone has given you the 'bad eye' in my culture this is HUGE, if we feel off, or bad things continue to happen to us we feel that other people have sent us bad intentions and are effecting our ever day life.

3. Something bad has happened to you, maybe you lost a job, fought with a friend, or feel sick.

4. You are fighting with your loved ones every time you come home, you feel drained and always seem to take in out on the people in your house.

5. You want to meditate and you need the energy to be pure and clear to think.

6. You have a big deadline and again you need to be free of any negativity so your mind can be clear.

7. Cleansing Crystals in your home.

8. Moving into a new home, get rid of the previous owners energy.

9. You want to try something new ! Give it a go. 



If you have any more questions please feel free to DM me on instagram

Email me at contact@biancaroseblog Or comment here on this post and I will follow up! 








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