March 13, 2017

Friendships are hard! Boyfriends are difficult! Shit, even my dog thinks he's my boss! (lol)

In this day & age I know it's not easy to keep relationships of any kind on going, simple and honest. 

Social media has definitely been a main contributor to this factor. Men are constantly inundated with images of "fit women" "beautiful women" "perfect women" "women with plastic surgery" or "women with extensions and full makeup." It has created such an unrealistic image of women for men to aspire to be with. Every day women are hopelessly following the fad trying to appear just like these pictures we can't get away from and are being compared to. How can we get a man to love us for our individuality and our natural flaws when we are all being portrayed in one idealistic way?


Friends is now a loosely used word that doesn't have the same merit it once did. By adding someone on social media are you now their "friend?" Additionally, we aren't forced to spend real time together, because we have a stream of images to watch and therefore we don't necessarily feel the emotion of missing someone. We're also so busy judging one another by their appearances that we might not make friends with people that don't "look the way we want them to." It's hard to talk to new people when our heads are constantly looking down at our phones trying to impress these so called friends of ours through a screen. 


Millennials also have everything at their fingertips, we are the generation of instant gratification so obviously we expect the same from our human interactions. We don't understand having to put in so much effort to attain what we are looking to gain. Phone calls are nearly obsolete since we can just shoot a quick text. Making plans in person to see one other again isn't necessary when we can just send calendar invites via email. Talking about what is new in our lives, or how our vacations went is unnecessary when everyone can see what we've been up to via Instagram or Facebook. 


Knowing that our "followers/ friends" are constantly watching us on social media causes stress for most people as well. Studies show this is due to the pressure of having to present one's self in an acceptable way to their online community. Also, being open to so many opinions and judgement of others makes us want to appear happy and successful. This also works in the opposite effect where we see how "perfect" everyone else's lives seem to be, whether they have #relationshipgoals or #eyebrowgoals we are constantly told to aspire to look or be like them and not ourselves!


We are all a slave to it, including myself. As I sit here and write this blog I've checked my Instagram multiple times and am concerned by how many people will read this and judge what I am writing. It would be nice if social media had focused more on our true selves instead of portraying someone we hope to be perceived as. Who knows what the future has in store for the next generation, my hope is that they will see how backward things have become and rectify it. Unfortunately, most teens now already have social media and are being exposed to this hardship at an even younger age than we were. 













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