March 8, 2017


   I recently had the pleasure of revisiting one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean, Barbados. It's clean, prestigious and the waters sparkle with hints of turquoise that could easily be mistaken for the Mediterranean sea. My friends and I opted to stay at our favourite villa on the Island, 'The Landmark,' owned and operated by the prestigious and well renowned Altman family. The villa is perfectly situated on THE BEST beach on the island called Sandy Lane, sharing a shore line with the most well known celebrity hotel Sandy Lane Resort.

   The food on this Island is so authentic and flavourful.  Every Friday night the island practically shuts down and all the locals head over to the fish fry at Oistins. It is so much fun and a must see spot for first timers visiting the island looking for true Bajan cooking. The aromas are intoxicating, mixed with loud raggae music flooding the alleyways and hot bbq's steaming all night long the feeling is truly memorable!

  There are also an array of 5 star restaurants from Italian to seafood that are impeccable and have a wide variety of cuisines, some of my favourites are Nishi, Cin Cin By The Sea & The Cliff (which is my all time fav). They all have outstanding service, views and food, no doubt. 

To stay active during our days we took part in tons of great beach activities that are very accessible almost anywhere on the island. We rented paddle boards and jet skis, had a yoga class on the beach and rented a fabulous yacht from Seaduced Barbados a famous luxury boat rental company.

The yacht was spectacular, had extremely high end finishings, a living and dining area, 2 full cabins with washrooms, a private chef and full staff on board, it was magical. We sailed south determined to find a family of turtles to swim with and we were successful, we swam, fed the beautiful animals and enjoyed the crystal clear waters. We then headed north bound to sail past the port where the massive cruise ships doc to let thousands of tourists off to browse the famous island. Finally we anchored in the beautiful Carlisle Bay to enjoy a fresh exquisite meal consisting of springrolls, veggies, risotto, fish, steak, chicken and salad, our tastebuds we're completely satisfied to say the least! 

Barbados is definitely an island that caters to luxury tourists every need but still keeps things authentic and true. The culture is vibrant and never fades no matter how many hotels open up every year. I hope to head back there soon and maybe check out The Crane hotel which I've heard is also very nice! Until then, I'll have to rely on my pictures and videos to bring me back into the island groove.












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