January 31, 2017

When you feel heavy or bloated no matter what your eating that is a sure sign that it is time to start a cleanse. I know it sounds hard and it is, especially at the beginning, but man is it ever worth it. 


  Over the weekend my fiancée and I decided It was time to take on this challenge again, we had done it once before and remembered how great we felt after accomplishing this 3 day Total Cleanse. We packed up the truck full of juices and took off to the cottage where we could hide from everyone, including and especially from food! 



My biggest tip is to make sure you have nothing in your house that may tempt you to stray from the cleanse, even one bite of a cookie, or one slurp of soup will alter the final results you are working toward. 

Get into the proper mental state, reassure your self that you have a good reason for doing this and it will be worth it at the end.

Don't tell too many people, I found it hard to focus on the positives when every body kept asking me how difficult it was not to eat food for 3 days!

Do it with a partner because it's easier to drink these juices if someone else has to as well. Also you can motivate each other to stay focused on the goal.



Day one is most definitely the most difficult of them all. You are so used to waking up and eating breakfast, looking forward to lunch at your desk as a "break" and going home for a big dinner! Well, all of that is not happening and it sucks! 

The first drink does not taste good, the kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, apple and lemon just doesn't make for a great drink. What it does do though, is give you a boost of energy and provides your body with an entire day's worth of veggies, pretty cool!


Juice number 2 as i like to call "the snack juice" is not as bad as the first. The lemony pepper combination is sweet and spicy and goes down pretty nicely, you'll think wow this isn't go bad after all!


BAM- juice 3 is the same as juice 1, again, its not good but it gets you past that crazy hunger for a nice lunch!

At this point you will feel hungry, I was famished and completely ready to give up, but then all of a sudden its snack time again and its a treat Very Berry is your 4th juice and sweet it is!


Number 5 is the lemon and cayenne pepper mixture again, which the second time kind of burns going down and causes a bit of heartburn especially because your stomach feels so empty and is yearning for a hot piece of fresh bread! DON'T GIVE UP


Your final juice for the day which I enjoyed as a late night snack is a creamy Cashew juice that has loads of protein and can also be a great post work-out drink as well. It's pretty good and goes down smoothly, the best part is, it actually makes your stomach feel a bit full. 



Day two is not as difficult as day one but it's still pretty hard. I found it especially difficult during lunch and late at night when I was sitting doing nothing. When i kept myself busy during the day I didn't think about the fact that I hadn't eaten as much. Once my mind and body slowed down I began to day dream of all the wonderful recipes I wished I was cooking LOL. 

Again, the late night Creamy Cashew juice was my favourite and helped me go to bed without having an aching stomach.


DAY 3 

Easyyyy, I'm a pro! I woke up chugged my green monster drink and got on with my day, my fiancée and I headed to Collingwood, walked around and did some shopping. I felt great, full of energy and super light around my mid-section. I didn't think about food at all and I honestly forgot about how hard it had been because I was feeling so good about myself.

By the end of the day I was starting to feel a bit anxious and so ready for it all to be over, I was proud I stuck to the plan and felt relieved that I could eat again when the morning came.


When I finally weighed myself the next morning I had dropped 5 pounds which didn't feel like water weight, it felt substantial and I felt like I was on the right path to a healthier life style.


I know it is so difficult for us all to stick to diets and cleanses and of course there will be times when we fail. The important thing is to try and stay consistent, eat healthy and be as active as we can. I have faith in myself and all of you, so you should too! 






-Signing Off

Bianca Rose Girimonte

















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