Marinate Your Steak

January 25, 2017


Ahh steak, a gift from cows/God? Has to be the most flavourful meat there is, especially when seasoned properly. Each cut of steak has different properties, some are super fatty and soft, others lean and delicate, I feel like there is a steak for everybody. 


My 3 favourite types of steak are Filet Mignon, Ribeye and T-bone, they are  all tender, great cuts of meat and super delicious. 


For Filet mignon I like to keep it super simple. The steak is already so flavourful you don't need much to enhance it, a dash of extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper are sure to do the trick!

You can even add a touch of garlic powder if you're looking for some extra oomph.



With T-bone and Rib eye steaks you can go simple just like the filet mignon if that's how you're feeling, but I like to be a little more creative  and make what I think is the perfect seasoning.


1. Start with spreading a thin layer of olive oil over the steak.

2. Lightly salt and pepper each side.

3. Sprinkle garlic powder (William Sonoma has my favourite garlic powder ever  : link

4. Sprinkle paprika powder over entire surface, use less if you do not like spicy food. 

5. Spread a small amount of Cumbrae's No. 01 Steak blend to really bring the flavour to life! 





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