January 22, 2017

A small city of pure magic, referred to by many as the Jewel of Italy. Positano is one of the most spectacular places I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Built on the side of a cliff, the view of this town is breath taking. Whether It's early day and you look out on rows of colourful villas and the glistening sea full of luxurious yachts; or late evening where all the lights in the whole town are lit so brightly it seems an astronaut could find Positano from space, it is a miraculous sight to see. 

Upon arrival to Positano the winding cliff-side roads are so intimidating that I wondered if we would make it to our destination. Of course we arrived safely to our absolutely beautiful accommodation Villa Fiorentino.

Owned and operated by a wonderful family we felt welcomed immediately, and I knew that this would be a place to remember for a lifetime. 

The villa is built horizontally on the side of a cliff with many flights of stairs to lead guests to their individual rooms. The rooftop terrace has a marvellous pool shaded slightly by an overgrown lemon tree and a panoramic view, it is absolute peace and tranquility. I have now visited twice and would never want to stay anywhere else in Positano. 

The streets are filled with excited tourists, yet somehow you can feel authenticity all around you. Shops are filled with linens, pastries and limoncello, everyone is loud and bustling about as if there is no such thing as personal space. The shop keepers assume everyone speaks Italian and do not attempt to speak your language in anyway. There are lemon granite stands serving sweet icy treats to all the children and restaurants filling every nook and cranny with the aromas of Italy. 

Once you finally make your way to the bottom of the steep streets and steps, your view opens to charming beach with rows of orange and yellow umbrellas as bright as the sun. Here you can find a wide variety of people from young families to elderly Italian men on vacation catching some sun and swimming in the ocean. 

To the right, a small piazza remains the "hot spot" where all the young people come together for drinks and conversation lasting into the wee hours of the night. 

Positano is a place where everything has come together so perfectly that it seems it is truly a gift from God. 


-Signing off

Bianca Girimonte






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