January 20, 2017

Baci is my heart outside of my body. I love him just as much as someone can love another human, he is my dog, my baby and my everything. 

I got Baci as a puppy, he was seven weeks old, his hair was shiny with a mix of black and warm caramel colours, he was small as a tea cup and cute as can be, perfect to me. His big brown eyes we're constantly watching me, observing this human who seemed to be his new master. I too was a bit scared, he was so small, and I worried that something could happen to him at any moment.

As we became more comfortable with one another our bond grew deep and unwavering like a mother and her child. I knew that I would do anything to protect him and he would always be there to console me and be my best friend. 

Baci helped me grow up and learn responsibility. Dogs rely on their humans to feed, love, and care for them everyday so it is a lot of work and commitment, but it is completely worth it! 

Now we have our set routine and living life with out him would be absolutely unbearable. I wake up every morning to his stinky kisses and go to bed every night stroking his luscious hair as we drift off into our slumbers. 

This is merely an introduction to our story as there are many more posts to come. 


-Signing off

Bianca Rose Girimonte











For more pictures visit Baci's personal Instagram

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