January 3, 2017

Every girl is looking for the perfect lipstick, not too colourful, not too dark, and not too light. I have here my list of top 4 matte liquid lipsticks that I think are as close to the perfect colour as you can get. They range from a tad lighter to a bit darker but are all in the same wheel house. 

This craze has taken over, and no longer do women opt for a twist able traditional lipstick. Girls everywhere went nuts trying to purchase the Kylie lip kits when they were first launched and found it difficult to get their hands on one. I opted for an option much closer to home and more reasonably priced as well, Lingerie by NYX. I find the colours to be extremely comparable and I actually like the way it goes on better. 

Another great option I found at Sephora is Tartiest lip paint by Tarte. I find it very smooth with great coverage. Finally the Kylie lip kits were restocked and I was able to get a large array of colours sent right to my front door. My first comment would be that the colours do not go on as they appear in the bottle so do not be alarmed if they seem slightly different on your lip, its not just you! 

The formula is great and it does last a very long time, so I thought i would list one of the KLK colours I like best as well. 


Colours from left to right are as follows:


Birthday Suit- Tartiest Lip Paint by Tarte link

Lace Detail- Lingerie by NYX link

Bedtime Flirt- Lingerie by NYX link

Dolce K- Matte Liquid lipstick by Kylie link



-Signing off

Bianca Girimonte



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