January 18, 2017

Miami is one of the most travelled to destinations in the United States. It offers a wide variety of activities for any age group to enjoy. From the soft white sands to the street art in Wynwood it's safe to say Miami is  America's hot spot for a reason. My fiancee and I decided to take this trip for leisure but also to discover what Miami had to offer other than it's crazy party scene. This was the first time either of us had travelled there with a partner instead of friends. We were pleased to see that there was a plethora of amazing art, shops, restaurants and lounges to check out with out having to get ridiculously drunk with a big group of friends. 

One restaurant in particular that really stood out from the rest was Pao By Paul Qui in the newly built Faena Hotel. The food, service, atmosphere and decor were amazing and unique to say the least, I would highly recommend a visit on your next trip to Florida!

We stayed at the W Hotel South Beach which was also very nice, although a bit overpriced in my opinion. The room was spacious and had a comfortable bed. The pool was something out of a movie with plush sun beds and large palm trees to relax under, the food was good and servers were very attentive.  

Our flight out of Miami was in the evening so we decided to walk around and do some shopping before heading back to Toronto. I found Lincoln Rd. to have a good variety of stores to choose from, although it was a tad touristy we still enjoyed our time shopping outdoors in the warm weather. 

Overall, a great city to visit for a 4-5 night trip but any more than that and you may need a vacation after your vacation!


-signing off

Bianca Rose Girimonte 









Hand picked from my private collection     •      Styling: Bianca Rose      •      Photography: Bianca Rose








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