August 24, 2016


Getting Engaged     •      Styling: Elite Events Santorini      •      Photography: Ventouris Giorgos


The day that every girl dreams of and waits for finally arrived for me on August 24th, 2016 in Santorini Greece. I had no idea that Daniel (my fiancee) was putting together a whole production to surprise me for months before our trip! From getting a photographer to organizing a romantic cliffside dinner under a rose filled canopy he made my dreams come true.

Our trip had been spectacular every step of the way and I truly did not think it could get any better. On the morning of 'the proposal' we decided to take a trip to Amoudi Bay, which is a small "beach area" where people can cliff jump, swim and dine at some small sea side taverns. I was so excited but for some reason unbeknownst to me, Daniel was acting very strange. Now you must understand Daniel is a very happy individual who always has a smile on and is enthusiastic about going anywhere new, so the fact that he wasn't, was giving me the impression that he was upset about something. When i asked he assured me that he was just tired, of course this put me in an off mood as well but i didn't let it ruin my day as I love the ocean and couldn't be upset in Greece anyways! 

Through out the day Daniel continued to rush me back to the hotel and became frustrated when i would add another stop to our agenda. I was very confused as to what the problem was but figured he was just having an off day. 

Back in our rooms we got ready pretty quietly and I almost didn't wear my white flowy dress that i was so excited about wearing to the vineyard for an epic photoshoot (lol) ! Daniel insisted that I still wear it because it was going to be so beautiful and the perfect backdrop for my pictures!  

A black Mercedes Benz picked us up, which highly impressed me, because well let's face it, in Europe most vehicles are no bigger than a Smart Car! As we approached the vineyard Daniel looked at me with big eyes and asked, "do you trust me?" 

Instantly my nerves spun out of control and i knew something was coming, something big!

I hesitantly said yes and he blindfolded me with a black silk tie. 

He lead me down a set of stone covered steps and I started to hear Beyonce's 'Halo' in the distance I told Daniel, "I hear Beyonce!"

"I hear Beyonce!"

We reached the bottom. 

He laughed ever so gently and said, "I know, now take off your blind fold."

I could not believe the beauty before my eyes, pink roses were everywhere, a heart designed of lit candles, sheer white drapes blowing softly in the wind and of course the cliffs of santorini and the deep blue ocean waters that seemed to go on forever took my breath away.

Daniel got down on one knee, said a short but beautiful speech which i wouldn't have been able to remember if it wasn't for the video footage we got afterward! He then asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES!


-Signing Off

Bianca Rose Girimonte









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